Download New Report: Cybersecurity Perceptions versus Reality

Research reveals disconnect between perception and reality of organizational cybersecurity maturity


The GoSecure Cybersecurity Perceptions versus Reality research report highlights the cross-correlation between perceptions versus actual practice on key security measures and the most common attack techniques used by penetration testers. The results reveal disconnects and important information gaps in cybersecurity that need to be tackled.

Excerpts from the report:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: 93.3% of organizations answered that MFA is important or very important for the security of their organization and yet only 23.3% of respondents mentioned that they fully implemented it on their internal network.
  • Products Features: 57.3% of respondents believe that proprietary applications are secure or very secure yet pentesters are successful in 80% of engagements compromising these applications using native, insecure, features.

Key takeaways:

  • Security measures found with a disconnect between perception and practice
  • Insights and experiences from GoSecure penetration testers
  • Actionable recommendations on how to secure the most common attack vectors

These findings represent a guide for any cybersecurity professional wanting to secure the most common threat vectors used by attackers and to better protect their organization.

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